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Thú cưng mới của Mark và Sarah ( The new pet)


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Ví dụ như chỗ trống đầu tiên (0) ta điền từ “when”.

Thú cưng mới của Mark và Sarah ( The new pet)

Harry Dawson’s two children, Mark and Sarah, were overjoyed (0)when he came home one day with a scruffy black and white mongrel (1)___________ the local Dog’s Home. The children (2)____________to call him ‘Lucky’.
A few days (3)___________Harry Dawson felt less happy (4)_____ the new family pet when Lucky came (5)______ the kitchen with a dead rabbit in (6) _________ mouth. The creature was quite fat and well-groomed and was obviously a pet (7)_____ than a wild rabbit.
Sarah (8)_______ one look at it and immediately identified it as (9)___ to her friend, who lived next door (10)___ one. Fortunately, the Blake family were away (11)___ holiday in the South of France. So (12)_______ dark that evening, Harry Dawson sneaked into their garden and put the rabbit (13)_____ into the empty hutch*. There were (14)_____ marks on it and hoped that the Blakes (15)_______ assume it had died (16)_____ natural causes.
A week later, Harry Dawson (17)________ Mr Blake in the Post Office and asked him (18)_______ his family was.
‘They’re all very well, thank you,’ he said. ‘But my daughter, Cathy is very upset. Her pet rabbit died the week before we went on holiday and (19) _________ really sick person (20)_______ gone and put a dead rabbit in its cage!