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Đáp án bài: Luyện viết tiếng Anh tổng hợp


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Đáp án bài: Luyện viết tiếng Anh tổng hợp

A. Choose the correct word to fill in the gap.     
1. Although he is poor, he is happy.
2. Unless she gets a job, she wont get married.  
3. Youll miss the train if you don’t hurry up.
4. It is neither hot nor cold in winter in the south of Morocco.
5. Do you have any good friends besides Jamal?
6. March was mostly sunny. However April was rainy.
7. It must have rained for the ground is so wet.
8. While I was cooking, Dad was reading a book.
9. I don’t know whether I will win or not.
10. Whatever happens, well go on with the experiment.
B. Rewrite these sentences using the words given.

1 .You can come to the meeting with me as long as don’t say anything.
2. Gallia is not only beautiful but also smart.
3 I meet my math teacher whenever time I go to the market.
4. As soon as the bell rang, the students rushed out of the classroom.  
5. Women in Britain were not allowed to vote until 1918.
6. Not only do we need a visa, but we also need money to go toItaly.
7. As It was raining, I took my umbrella.
8. Some apples are red while others are green.
9. The ship could not move since there was no wind.
10. Though Surfing is fun, it can be dangerous.
11. The first exercise was easy whereas this one is extremely difficult.
12. Mohamed bought not only a villa but also a car.
13. Adil not only studied four hours but played soccer as well.
C. Which linking word is correct?     
1. Fouad did not do his homework although he had enough time.
2. Aya did not go on a trip because she didnt have any money.
3. During the hike up the mountain, we saw a lot of rabbits.
4. Hajar likes Volleyball whereas her sister likes Handball.
5. Paula got the job, even though she had no experience.
6. I dont drink coffee, as it makes me nervous.
7. Mohammed left early so as to avoid the traffic jam.
8. In spite of his injury, Hajji will play Wednesday’s match.
9. I won’t stop until I finish the whole exercise.
10. Rime missed the bus, therefore she had to walk to school.
D. Fill in the gaps with words from the list: As soon as – who – because –Not only - When - such...that - that – until – as well - before – why - If
1. If IZ of Khémisset had played well, they would have won the match.
2. Make sure you close all the windows before leave the house.
3. Dont go out until youve combed your hair.
4. I think I know why Manal failed the baccalaureate exam.
5. Do you think this is something that can be successful?
6. My friend Al Ounnass, who lives in Canada, has an Algerian passport.
7. As soon as the referee showed the striker the red card, the coach went crazy.
8. Ghizlane can speak good English because she spent a few years in Boston, USA.
9. When the referee showed the striker the red card, the coach went crazy.
10. Shes such a stupid woman that nobody likes to be with her.
11. Not only did we read the story but also summarize it.
12.  Teachers must not only teach students but motivate them as well.